Your Blessing is in the Breaking!

The story of the Loaves and Fish has been told many times. But have you ever stopped to consider where the Blessing was? Check out this short video and find your Blessing, and don't forget to BE a Blessing and share this with others.     God Bless you and Keep On Keepin On! Richard... Continue Reading →

St. Theresa’s Belleview, Florida is ‘Serving It Up!’

“St. Theresa’s is Serving it Up!   When I first drove onto the campus I noticed how massive the 10 acres were and thought, “this is a huge parish”. There were about 30 cars in the parking lot and seemed to have a bustling campus. I figured there was a school and so much more.... Continue Reading →

Orlando Diocese Celebrate Year of the Eucharist FREE Parish Mission Son of NFL Hall of Famer and EWTN Personality…

Diocese of Orlando Florida... has your Parish celebrated the Year of the Eucharist? If not, then now is the time to consider a Eucharistic centered Parish Mission. EWTN personality , son of NFL Hall of Fame Defensive Back,  the late Dick "Night Train" Lane, and  internationally renowned Catholic Lay Evangelist Richard Lane has created a parish... Continue Reading →

Is there Salvation outside of the Church? (Roman Catholic)

“Is there Salvation outside of the Church (Roman Catholic)? Yes or No? While surfing through YouTube the other day, I came across a video entitled “Why I’m no longer a Roman Catholic”. The author of this video (series), states he was raised Roman Catholic. He attended Mass regularly, received the Sacraments and even would challenge... Continue Reading →

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS – FALL 18′ Parish Missions!

          Richard Lane Ministries has immediate openings for Fall 18' Parish Missions. Richard Lane is an EWTN personality. Check out what you are going to experience... Book now and get your Parish Fired up and ready to share the Good News! Read what people are talking about... "You saved my life brother!... Continue Reading →

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