Dunnellon Florida – Ocala Florida Richard Lane Ministries RETURNS!

Lenten Parish Mission ALL ARE WELCOME! Please join us at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Dunnellon, Florida for four POWERFUL days and nights of Preaching, Teaching and Blessings! Monday - Thursday, March 5th - 8th, Richard Lane Ministries will be leading a Lenten Parish Mission entitled... "From Dust to Glory... the Emmaus Road... Continue Reading →

DONATE to help Irma survivors in the Florida Keys!!!

DONATE PLEASE!!! See what your love offerings are going to... WATCH FOR UPDATES EVERY DAY!!! If you are in the Atlanta, GA area Richard Lane will be able to pick up YOUR donations on the 28th of September. PLEASE EMAIL RichardLaneMinistries@gmail.com If you are in ORLANDO, FLORIDA; OCALA, FLORIDA or along the I-75 route to... Continue Reading →

Mission Irma Help has begun!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE!!!

It's here. Monday September 25th, at 7am, I will undertake the daunting but loving task of providing help and assistance to those still in need from the aftermath of #HurricaneIrma Richard Lane Ministries is collecting donated items along the route from Detroit to the Florida Keys. This trip will take approximately 4-5 days to make... Continue Reading →

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