Are you willing to be a Fool for Jesus?

“Brothers and sisters:

Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the Gospel,

and not with the wisdom of human eloquence,

so that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of its meaning.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,

but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

~ 1 Corinthians 1:17-18

I remember almost 15 years ago when I first started preaching on the streets of St. Louis, I felt like such a fool at first. It was very hard to just get motivated. I would go on

Evangelist Richard Lane

the corner of Cook & Grand in North St. Louis City and set up my little music stand, my bible, and my bullhorn. It was so hard to get motivated to just open my mouth. Imagine yourself on the street corner, in a rough neighborhood, with people driving by at a high rate of speed, looking at you as if you were a complete and utter idiot. Sometimes screaming profanities at you, flipping you off, etc.

So often, I drove by and saw street preachers and thought to myself, how foolish they look, until I became “That Fool”.

Are you willing to be a fool for Jesus? How wise is it to follow some ‘man’ who supposedly was born of a “Virgin”, he called “God” his ‘Father’; and he was said to have turned water into wine, healed the blind and cured the lame. How wise is it to follow some ‘man’ who was killed and then supposedly was ‘raised from the dead’ three days later. That sounds not only crazy but foolish. It just does not make literal sense, but that is what ‘faith’ is all about. Believing in something greater than yourself; believing in a higher power. I have defined faith as this; “Faith is not believing that God can, but KNOWING that God Will!”

I, like Paul, was sent, not to baptize, but to preach. Preach the Gospel to all people. I was not blessed with a Theological Education, and able to speak eloquently of the etymology of Christ, within a Eucharistic and Johannine context… but what I was blessed with was courage and a big mouth. The courage to go out and tell ‘my story’ of why I love Jesus; why I am a fool for Him; what He has and continues to do, IN – FOR and THROUGH me daily. 

What is your story? How are you being a fool by preaching for Jesus?

Just like so many people thought I was an absolute fool on that street corner almost 15

years ago, I am so thankful that I did not succumb to my own carnal and fleshly wisdom. I am grateful to Jesus for letting me be His Fool for all these years because I have truly witnessed Him do so many great things not only for me but through me. Are YOU willing to be a FOOL for Jesus? Let Him use you today, no matter what it is, even if it seems like a foolish thing when He tells you to build a boat when it has not rained in 100’s of years…  be a FOOL for Him. Speak of His Love on your job, to your family, to someone you come across today! BE A FOOL FOR JESUS!

May the road rise to meet you and Keep on Keepin’ on!

Richard Lane Ministries 

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“He came… and made them new.”

He came when all things were growing old, and made them new. As a made, created, perishing thing, the world was now declining to its fall. It could not but be that it should abound in troubles; He came both to console you in the midst of present troubles, and to promise you everlasting rest. Do not choose then to cleave to this aged world, and to be unwilling to grow young in Christ.

~ St. Augustine of Hippo

St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the great Doctors of the Church wrote these words many years ago and yet they remain true to this day. If you think about it, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus literally changed the course of time as we know it; BC and AD. Jesus made things new for us; a new time; a new beginning; a new life through baptism. Jesus came to comfort the afflicted but also to afflict the comfortable, and brothers and sisters we have been too comfortable for far too long. Just take a look at what is currently transpiring with the deposit of faith.

Let us be the Arms of Jesus reaching to console those who are hurt; Let us be the Voice of Jesus speaking new Life and Healing into the lives of those who are hurting and dead; Let us be a rampart of truth in this current world.

Get out of your comfort zone. Learn more about your faith and what the Holy Spirit desires for your lives. We cannot continue to do the same old thing, all of the time expecting a different result. Now is the time to change. Now is the time to continue to learn and ‘grow young’ in Christ. How do we ‘grow young’? When you become a new creation in Christ, you are now young; and infant and you need nursing, milk, sustenance for the New Journey. That is what Christ will do for each of us. The word of God is a lamp unto our feet and food for our soul. Let us daily eat of the word of God, the bread of life and be consumed in His Divine Will for our new lives.

“He came when all things were growing old, and made them new.” Will you allow the NEW YOU in Christ to ‘grow young’? Ask Him today… ask Him right now; Lord Jesus, create in me a NEW Heart; Create in me Oh Lord a New Love and a New Zeal for Soul’s; that I might live a-new for You, Lord Jesus. Make me an instrument of your Grace; Thank you, Lord Jesus, Amen.

May the road rise to meet you and Keep on Keepin’ on!

Richard Lane Ministries

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Pull-Out… and Pray!

I decided to go to the beach and chill one day. It was the type where you could drive on from a gate. The sign said “4×4 vehicles only. Deep sand”. Well, I did not pay attention to the sign because I have a nice sized truck and “my truck” won’t get stuck.

As soon as I paid the money to get on the beach I drove about 20 yards and gunned it to the right, and sure as shootin’, you know what happened. The lady comes over and said, “I guess you did not read the sign.” In embarrassment, I dropped my head in shame. She told me there was a kid who had a 4×4 that was pulling people out, for tips only. He should be back soon. 

The guy I was with said, well, we can just chill and listen to jazz until he gets back. He came, along with his dad and the hooked a tow rope to the back of my truck and within five minutes… I was FREE! I noticed the guy had a cross on his neck, and I said, “I take it you are a believer?” He said, “most definitely. I cannot live without Jesus in my life.” I asked him if I could pray for him and his response was, “PLEASE!”

I began praying spontaneously for him, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his wife was in the truck watching us and she smiled. I also noticed many people who had been watching, my truck stuck and being pulled out, now watching the three of us pray.

This was not a stunt, I simply wanted to pray for the guy in thanksgiving for him. Every morning I try to read scripture and then say a prayer. This particular morning I asked the Lord, “Please let me see your face today”. The Lord always answers prayer and I saw His Face in this man who was sent by God to pull me out of my predicament. I did not expect God to show up in the middle of my stupidity, but doesn’t He always do that?

This is what I call Evangelization 101. It’s simple. Do not be afraid to pray in public or in any situation. It was a witness, to our faith as well as our response to God Hearing our prayers. I saw His Face and thanked Him for showing up in the midst of my stupidity.

Do not be afraid to live your faith daily. Any situation is a chance to give God the Praise and Thanksgiving for His Works. The guy was extremely thankful not only that I prayed for him, but also prayers for his family. There was also the witness to others and I pray the Lord’s Work was seen by others as an encouragement to always pray.

Live your faith daily. Ask God to show up in your day and He will answer you, as sure as shootin’ He will show up! The Pull-Out and Pray!

May the road rise to meet you and Keep on Keepin’ on!

Richard Lane Ministries

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Are you being tested through your suffering?

Do you feel as if you are being tested by what you are going through right now? What is your struggle? For many, it is an illness. One that keeps us away from the normalcy of life. Keeps us away from doing what we like, visiting those we love, the peaceful and everyday things of living life to its fullness. Does your wheelchair confine you from navigating the streets of everyday life? Your current condition rendering you helpless to the point where you have to rely on the assistance of others? What is the meaning of your suffering, your test?

A few weeks ago I visited a woman who was 92 years old and in a rehabilitation center recovering from a heart condition. When we visited I asked how she was doing and she responded, “I know why God has me here. To talk about my faith to others… to encourage and uplift them.” That was a profound statement of truth, a testing of her own faithfulness in God, knowing that if He wanted her to be out of that situation, He could have made it possible, yet she realized the meaning in her suffering; the meaning in her test.

If your mountain was smooth, you couldn’t climb it!

Your test is going to be your TESTimony! The writer of the book of Hebrews tells us in the 18th verse of the second chapter, “Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested”.

The community to whom the writer was speaking to was in crisis. Wanting to believe in their carnal way of thinking, what they had already seen, yet not relying on their faith in Christ Jesus. “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen”. Hebrews 11:1 Your faith is in His Word, a hope that is evidenced in Christ, that dwells within you. John 1:14

He IS able

God is able to do overwhelmingly and abundantly. He will provide for you pressed down, shaken and overflowing in your life, if you allow Him. God IS able to do anything except fail. Do you have the radical faith enough to believe that?

Do you believe

We all experience faith crises from time to time, asking God why? Why has this happened to me; why am I going through this; what did I to deserve this? Ask yourself what did Jesus do to deserve what He got? Through the hypostatic union, fully God yet fully man Christ endured the test. He not only endured suffering and death but destroyed it once and for all. 

Make your test your TESTIMONY

We too are called to the test. If you have no test then you have no TESTIMONY in your life. The lady above knew here testimony was to tell others about the love of Christ. When we visited and prayed, there was a man who approached me when I was leaving and said, “that was nice what you did for that lady.” I said thank you, “would you like me to pray with you?” He quickly replied, “would you please”? Because this woman was going through a test, it brought healing to someone else. Strength to a man that was weak. Hope for someone whose hope was diminished.

Because Christ went through it, you are able to get to it! (you will get that later)

Christ suffered once and for all, so what we would not have to suffer the pains of death. He knows what you are going through and He is ABLE… He is ABLE to bring you through it. Do you have a radical kind of faith to believe it? Then receive it and go tell somebody else about it!

May the road rise to meet you, and Keep on Keepin’ on!

Richard Lane Ministries

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Have You Let evil Mentally Terrorize You?

I did not capitalize the word evil because I do not wish to give honor to the beast of this world. That being said, let’s begin.

1 Kings 19:4-8 tells the story of one of God’s greatest Prophets of the Old Testament, the

The Prophet Elijah

Prophet Elijah. The back story of this reading, (I encourage you to read the entire 18th chapter of the book of 1 Kings to place this reflection in the proper context) is that Elijah had just taken out 450 false prophets of the god Baal. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob; the God of Moses who led the Children of Israel out of Bondage; this same God showed yet again, His Great Might and Power over evil, by destroying all the false prophets of then Queen Jezebel. She was so infuriated that she sent a ‘note’ to mentally terrorize Elijah, Jezebel then sent a messenger to Elijah and said, “May the gods do thus to me and more, if by this time tomorrow I have not done with your life what was done to each of them.” 1 Kings 19:2

She sent a note, by a messenger. Elijah ran from his anointing. He ran from his Commission. He ran from his Strength. He ran from everything he knew that would help him, instead he focused on his own fear. His own carnal fears. How often do we do the same thing when we get bad news from someone? How often do we run into a state of depression when we get wind of a message of destruction; letter from work telling us we will lose our job; shut off notice of utilities, doctor telling us we have an illness that is incurable and only a certain amount of time to live; someone does something wrong against us and we have to pay for it? How often do we run into the desert of depression, the darkness of realizing that our world is going to crash around us? Our carnal minds tell us there is no way out of this one. We are doomed to lose everything we have worked so hard for.

Elijah did the same thing. He left the Lord, he left his family, he left his servant who was his prayer warrior, he left his Lord and ran into the desert of despair and death. He asked the Lord for death, to end it. Have you ever been in a situation so bad that you have asked the Lord, “Lord please, let me go, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.”

Many people have said that and many people have taken a ‘permanent solution to a temporary problem’, suicide.

Just as the Lord sent Elijah an Angel, He will do the same for you. Lay down, sleep, wake up and eat. Eat of the Bread of Life that restores your soul; Eat of the Bread of Life that Heals and protects from death; Eat of the Bread of Life that gives you strength for this journey called life.

Rest in the Lord. Rest in His Spirit and ask Him to comfort you.
Eat. Eat of the Bread of Life, the Eucharist which is the source and strength of our being. Nourish yourself with good natural food as well. This food will give you strength for your journey.

Get up! GET UP and get out. Tell the devil to ‘get behind me satan’. You have that authority! Get up and move; Get Up and live; Get Up and use that stumbling block in front of you as a stepping stone to get where God needs you to go.


Your Faith

It is Faith. Your Faith will be a bridge; a bridge from where you are now, to where God desires you to be, all you have to do is… GET UP! Do not allow the evil one to mentally terrorize you another day, for when you seek the Lord, He will answer you… GET UP!


Keep on Keepin’ on!

Richard Lane Ministries

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