Parish Missions

3-4 nights; 1 hour in length talks

All Mission Topics are Custom Designed for each Parish. Some suggestions are;

“New Wine in New Wineskins”

Evangelization 101. This talk is taken directly from Richard Lane’s EWTN 5 part series on Evangelization; What is it; How do we do it.

“Mercy Mercy Me!”

Jesus is the ‘living and visible sign of the Father’s mercy’ so must each of us become that sign. How do we do this?

Standing on the Rock of Faith

“Standing on the Rock of Faith”

What is Faith, bilabially, theological, but most importantly what is faith PERSONALLY? How do we LIVE that faith

Rediscover Catholicism, Book by Matthew Kelly


“Rediscover Catholicism”

– Parish Mission based on the number one selling book by Matthew Kelly

“The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”

Parish Mission based upon the top-selling book by Matthew Kelly

“Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission”

  • How do we live out our faith in this relativistic world

“All Eyes On Me”

  • This powerful Pro-Life Message geared toward understanding and respecting the sanctity of human life.

Youth Empowerment

One of the best things about a Richard Lane Ministries Parish Mission is young people truly

Catholic Youth Empowerment

enjoy them. They are truly engaged and excited about the message of faith in their lives. These missions truly resonate with our youth in a world of secular and moral relativism, the unadulterated Truth of the Gospel of Christ, preached unto them, truly changes their lives. They feel excited, alive and empowered to understand and share their faith with others.

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