United State Conference of Catholic Bishops Website

USCCB is an excellent resource for all things Catholic; Bible, Dailly Readings, Prayer & Worship, Catechism and much more.


Catholics Come Home

Do you have questions about the Catholic Church? Want to return to the Church, Why the Catholic Church, Help with Confession. This is a great resource for simple answers to sometimes complex questions.




Dynamic Catholic

Dynamic Catholic is a great resource for the latest in Catholic Theology. This site also has links to several books used by Richard Lane Ministries to preach Parish Missions that have been written by and published by Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly.




Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is another resouce that is used to read scripture in a myriad of different translations. This is an excellent resource to be able to delve into a particular text for a clearer understanding.





Logos Bible Software


Logos Bible Software is by far one of the best resources for not only those who are preachers and leaders of Bible Study, but those who want to truly become scholar’s of the word. It provides you different translations of the bible as well as the Greek, Hebrew and Latin origins of words, and their root meanings. Logos also provides 10’s of thousands of additional resources for your edification.



iBreviary APP

iBreviary is an excellent APP to help you in daily prayers. It is used by thousands of clerics who are required to pray the Daily Office and Daily Prayers. You can pray Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Evening prayers with this APP. It also has links to many of the traditional Catholic prayers, Rosary, as well as links to the Daily Mass Readings. This is a great resource for prayer and… wait for it…. IT’S FREE! #NoBrainer





If you are looking for all things Catholic, look no further. This is an awesome APP. Daily prayers, daily readings, the entire Bible in the New American version, NAB, Douay Rheims, and other versions. This app also has links to the 16 Documents that came out of the Second Vatican Council, the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church¬†and so many other excellent Catholic prayers and resources. Oh yeah… wait for it… wait for it…. THIS ONE IS ¬†FREE AS WELL! #Winning


Check back often as we are always adding resources.


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