Richard Lane Ministries

Welcome to Richard Lane Ministries

Richard Lane Ministries is a full time apostolate, specializing in leading Parish Missions around the United States and abroad, as well as preaching Revivals.

Sharing the Word of God

Catholic Lay Evangelist Richard Lane continues to be one of the most sought after and dynamic Catholic Preachers around. He has preached all over the United States, the Caribbean and South America.

Touching Lives

Richard Lane Ministries specializes in;

  • Parish Missions (Retreats)

  • Keynoting Men’s & Women’s Conferences
  • Retreat Director for Laity, Religious and Conferences
  • Expertise in Evangelization outreach and applied theology
  • Youth Retreats, Conferences and Days of Recollection


If you have any questions or wish to inquire about scheduling a Parish Mission for your parish, please email RichardLaneMinistries@Gmail.com

Thank you so much, God Bless you and Keep on Keepin’ On!

Richard Lane Ministries

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  1. The Klemp family are having a great time this week thanks for doing this mission at are church love you , Mary and David, James Klemp

  2. Good afternoon Mr. Lane
    My name is Deacon Gene Fadness. I am the editor of the Idaho Catholic Register. I’m hearing wonderful things about you as a result of two Lenten missions you conducted in our diocese recently. I’m wondering if you would be willing to speak with me for a short interview? If you are willing, please give me a time that is convenient for you and you can call me or vice versa. I like to know ahead of time so that I am prepared when you call. Thank you and Easter blessings,

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