“Evangelist Richard Lane is a dynamic, spirit-filled preacher and teacher who is incredibly gifted by the Holy Spirit. Richard has an evangelical, charismatic love for the Catholic faith and his powerful, heartfelt, and very motivating presentations will stimulate your mind and penetrate your heart. Fueled by the fire of God’s love, Richard’s passion and enthusiasm for the faith may have you out of your seat shouting, “Amen!” If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event, look no further!”Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Founder of Aurem Cordis and Host of EWTN’s “Made In His Image” and “Behold The Man”

“Richard is profoundly passionate, He is a man of integrity, a man who truly desires the best for all the people he encounters. I was touched by his message of faith, hope and love. He is truly a man of God.”John LaBriola, Catholic Apologist and Evangelist

“Richard, you were truly a blessing to me and my family this past weekend in Birmingham at Our Lady of Sorrows at the 2009 Catholic Charismatic Conference. I still have the poster of the weekend hanging in my office to remind me to pray for you and Monsignor Frank. After Sunday morning mass I started listening to one of your Cd’s and ended up listening both of the ones we got at the conference. You need to keep doing what you are doing, keep touching those lives, bringing souls to Christ. May the Lord abundantly bless you and thanks for a great weekend conference.” Dan G., Birmingham, Alabama, Catholic Charismatic Conference

“I invited Richard Lane to come and speak at our 2009 Real Catholic Men Conference in Portland, Oregon having not much information about him or his ministry. But something drew me to him as I read his bio and studied his website… I had him “open the show” because I knew he would bring the Holy Spirit in a big way. I was not disappointed. Even after his 90 minute talk, I felt Richard had so much more to share. And the feedback from the men at the conference was unanimous. They all wanted Richard back! Richard Lane receives the highest of recommendations from me and my entire organization. Book him as fast as you can!”David J. Renshaw, Executive Director, Real Catholic Ministries, Portland, Oregon

“Dear Richard, what a pleasure to work as a ministry team together! You not only have a fire of love in your soul for Jesus, but for His Church. You articulated the faith so well – it touched my heart – and all who heard Christ’s message of revival (your wife must be a very good teacher of the Faith). I pray we can team up again soon. Yes, “Brothers” in the Fiery furnace together. ‘Til we meet again-prayers for each other.”Msgr. Frank Chiodo, Des Moines, Iowa

“Dear Richard, May our Lord surround you with his peace! Last week, this time, you were just getting warmed up to the Birmingham crowd. The week has gone very quickly. I thank you for your ministering to me. I felt a stronger confirmation of the healing gift. Strange, as it seems, my feet have been very sore since the conference. The gift of laughter, which started on Saturday night, was once again very healing. I felt so light! My friend, Carolyn, really felt energized! She has called me each day this week with a “Wow!” I really did get touched by the Lord with the conference.”Sister Anne Marie, Birmingham, Alabama

“Hi Richard Ladimir Lane, A short note to _/*thank*/_ you for a very inspiring presentation at this year’s “San Diego Men’s Conference!!! It was also great to meet the son of Dick “Night-Train” Lane, 7 time Pro-Bowler!!! We will also include you, your family and your ministry in our prayers, trusting that JESUS will continue to give you much inspiration, good health and shield you from “evil.” Love in His Most Sacred Heart.”Dan & Angie B. San Diego, California

“Mr. Lane, I want to thank you for the inspiring talk you gave to the Catholic Business Club meeting in Reno. You presented an important message that I need to apply in my life. Too often I take the church for granted. Thank you again.”Mr. D., Reno, Nevada

“Dear Mr. Lane, I just had the opportunity to view The Journey Home that I had recorded for the week, and was very much inspired by your story and the fantastic work you are doing. It is my sincere hope that you have or you will spend some time in prayerful discernment over pursuing ordination to the diaconate. Your speaking style would lend itself so well to preaching, and the grace the sacrament imparts would only amplify that. We desperately need (like we always have!) more Catholic clergy dedicated to hands-on evangelization and mission work right here in our own neighborhoods. If no one has yet invited you to consider the diaconate, let me do some inviting: Please consider the diaconate! Keep up the blessed work, keep me in your prayers, and I will keep you in mine.Joseph, (Email)

“Richard–the “Journey Home” broadcast (heard by me on radio) was magnificent–I mean, it’s probably the best I’ve heard on that program! May the experience bring you and others abundant blessings. God bless you and your dear wife!”Deacon Jim, St. Louis, Missouri

“Dear Richard, I recently had the opportunity to watch an interview with you on ewtn. I must say I was truly inspired not only with what you had to say but also with the way you handled the tv audience with your poise, confidence and excellent public speaking skills. The HOLY SPIRIT is effectively working in you. The reason I noticed that is because I was in the video business for over 20 yrs.”Frank P., New Jersey

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