Parish Missions for remainder of 2017! BOOK NOW!!!

Parish Missions are not just for Lent and Advent; a Richard Lane Parish Mission "is like a breath of fresh air from the Holy Spirit." ~ Martha S., St. Mary's,    Canton, Ohio For those who many not know, I am the son of NFL Hall of Fame defensive back, Dick “Night Train” Lane. I... Continue Reading →

CANTON, OHIO “From Dust to Glory” is coming to YOU!!!

Canton, Ohio, "From Dust to Glory" your Catholic Story, Parish Mission series is coming to YOU!!! Sunday 5pm, Monday - Wednesday evenings @7pm. Location will be the St. Mary's Church location 1602 Market Ave. S. Canton! Each night will only last about one hour and be POWERFUL and PACKED with knowledge. Bring your friends and... Continue Reading →

Spring & Summer Parish Missions – BOOK NOW!!!

  "Your Mission saved my life! Thank you for coming..." Michael, Lake Worth, Florida "You have made such a tremendous positive impact on the lives of so many kids in our Church. Thank you so much for what you have done for us!" Mary, Cottonwood, Idaho "You made me feel loved and worthy of God's... Continue Reading →

May it be done to me according to your word.

    There is POWER in the Word of God. The Mother of God recited these words when the Angel of the Lord spoke them to Her. Her life would never be the same, as She acclaimed Her great Fiat - Yes Lord. I am Your willing servant and I will obey Your Word. What... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Redwood Tree!

    Building the “Bridge of Mercy”. Construction begins with a solid foundation of Faith. Faith in an invisible God that none have seen, but is evident through the Face of His Son. Calvary is where the journey begins. The pillars of Faith; The Apostles Creed, the Seven Sacraments, The Ten Commandments and The Lord’s... Continue Reading →

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