Pull-Out… and Pray!

I decided to go to the beach and chill one day. It was the type where you could drive on from a gate. The sign said “4×4 vehicles only. Deep sand”. Well, I did not pay attention to the sign because I have a nice sized truck and “my truck” won’t get stuck.

As soon as I paid the money to get on the beach I drove about 20 yards and gunned it to the right, and sure as shootin’, you know what happened. The lady comes over and said, “I guess you did not read the sign.” In embarrassment, I dropped my head in shame. She told me there was a kid who had a 4×4 that was pulling people out, for tips only. He should be back soon. 

The guy I was with said, well, we can just chill and listen to jazz until he gets back. He came, along with his dad and the hooked a tow rope to the back of my truck and within five minutes… I was FREE! I noticed the guy had a cross on his neck, and I said, “I take it you are a believer?” He said, “most definitely. I cannot live without Jesus in my life.” I asked him if I could pray for him and his response was, “PLEASE!”

I began praying spontaneously for him, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his wife was in the truck watching us and she smiled. I also noticed many people who had been watching, my truck stuck and being pulled out, now watching the three of us pray.

This was not a stunt, I simply wanted to pray for the guy in thanksgiving for him. Every morning I try to read scripture and then say a prayer. This particular morning I asked the Lord, “Please let me see your face today”. The Lord always answers prayer and I saw His Face in this man who was sent by God to pull me out of my predicament. I did not expect God to show up in the middle of my stupidity, but doesn’t He always do that?

This is what I call Evangelization 101. It’s simple. Do not be afraid to pray in public or in any situation. It was a witness, to our faith as well as our response to God Hearing our prayers. I saw His Face and thanked Him for showing up in the midst of my stupidity.

Do not be afraid to live your faith daily. Any situation is a chance to give God the Praise and Thanksgiving for His Works. The guy was extremely thankful not only that I prayed for him, but also prayers for his family. There was also the witness to others and I pray the Lord’s Work was seen by others as an encouragement to always pray.

Live your faith daily. Ask God to show up in your day and He will answer you, as sure as shootin’ He will show up! The Pull-Out and Pray!

May the road rise to meet you and Keep on Keepin’ on!

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