St. Theresa’s Belleview, Florida is ‘Serving It Up!’

“St. Theresa’s is Serving it Up!

St. Theresa Church Belleview, FL.


When I first drove onto the campus I noticed how massive the 10 acres were and thought, “this is a huge parish”. There were about 30 cars in the parking lot and seemed to have a bustling campus. I figured there was a school and so much more. I was definitely wrong about the school, but bustling is an understatement.


Rev. Tom Connery

I met the new Pastor, Rev. Tom Connery when I was invited to do a Parish Mission for his previous parish, St. Peter’s in DeLand, Florida. I heard he moved and wanted to catch up with him and have lunch. When I arrived and was greeted so warmly in the Office, it had a nice warm feel to it.


Fr. Tom took me on a tour of the campus. He mentioned “sometimes it seems like we are an outreach that turned into a parish instead of the opposite.” St. Theresa Catholic Church in Belleview, Florida was built about two years ago and has a lovely homey and warm feel to it.

This parish is truly about ‘serving’. They have a wonderfulIMG_1158 thrift store named after the Patron Saint. It is filled with everything from books, clothing, furniture, household items, I even saw Motor Cycle helmets for sale! It is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

We walked about 100 feet and approached the area where they serve over 160 meals each day, Monday through Friday from 11am – 1pm. People can come and receive a hot meal prepared in a commercial style kitchen environment, staffed by volunteers. #ServingItUp

IMG_1163There is also a covered area with picnic tables for those who come to sit down and enjoy their meals as well as talk and fellowship. A few steps away from this area is an outreach office that counsels people on obtaining assistance for rent, food, jobs, healthcare, shelter and child services. It’s almost a ‘One Stop Shop’ for services.

Like every church, they are in need of more volunteers; fixing minor repairs; installing ceiling fans, power washing walkways, even help with getting rid of those pesky weeds! If you are willing to put in a few hours of work, please contact Marcia Wheatley, Operations Manager; 352.245.2458 or email her at 


St. Theresa Catholic Church is located at 11528 SE HWY 301, Belleview, Florida 34420. The office phone number is 352.245.2458. Stop by, check them out and tell them to “Keep on Keepin On!” Oh yeah, don’t forget to support them financially as well. 


St. Theresa’s, great job; keep on Serving It Up for the Lord! He is well pleased!

Richard Lane Ministries 

If you would like more information on Richard Lane Ministries or to inquire how Richard Lane can come to your parish and lead a Parish Mission, check out the website at 

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