Mission Irma Help has begun!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE!!!

It’s here. Monday September 25th, at 7am, I will undertake the daunting but loving task of providing help and assistance to those still in need from the aftermath of #HurricaneIrma

Richard Lane Ministries is collecting donated items along the route from Detroit to the Florida Keys. This trip will take approximately 4-5 days to make it to the Keys, due to stops at different Parishes and Organizations that are providing assistance.

It want to especially thank the Tri-Catholic area in Cottonwood, Idaho and St. George Catholic Church in Post Falls, Idaho for your love and financial support. Our TARGET is $10,000.00 and as of today we have raised $1,115.00. Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT OUR GOFUNDME PAGE!

Thank you God Land Unity

I want to thank GOD LAND UNITY Church in Detroit, Michigan for taking up a VERY GENEROUS second collection for this effort. Thank you to the Links in Ann Arbor, Michigan for your generosity as well.

Thanks also to the Board of Directors of God Land Unity Church for reaching out as well. The Links of Ann Arbor not only provided a cash donation, but also presented RLM with Envelopes containing messages of Hope and Inspiration, to be given to certain people who might need it in

God Land Unity Church Detroit, Michigan


Monday morning, RLM will set out for St. Paul the Apostle Church in New Middletown, Ohio, to pick up donated items. (Updates to come)

Then RLM will head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to pick up donations and finally St. Mary’s and St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio!

More updates to come. PLEASE HELP US HELP OTHERS! Please donate. The greatest need in that area is CASH. Our goal is to be able to provide a minimum of 30 – $100 Pre-Paid Visa cards for those who are in Dire need.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Richard Lane Ministries, INC.

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