Hurricane Irma Assistance from Richard Lane Ministries…

Hurricane Irma Help

The goal of this mission is to raise a minimum of $10,000.00 to provide assistance for those affected by Hurricane Irma, in the South Florida area.

This will be a Special Mission conducted by Richard Lane Ministries, INC., (RLM), to fill an SUV as well as a 6’X 12’ Cargo Trailer with necessities for those in need in the Southern Florida area. This mission will be recorded to provide adequate documentation of service.

RLM will attempt to contact specific Churches, organizations and people along a set route (set by RLM) from Detroit, Michigan to Southern Florida. Persons will be asked to provide donations to be placed in the trailer upon arrival;

– Cases of water

– Toiletries

– Personal Hygiene products

– Donated clothing

– Baby Food / Formula

– Diapers

– Sanitary Napkins

We would like to continue to raise enough money to provide for;

– Cost of New Tow hitch & Installation

– Fuel

– Food

– Lodging

– Goal of minimum of 30 – $100.00 pre-paid Visa Cards to be provided to specific people in dire need

– Purchase other items that might be in need

Richard Lane Ministries, INC., would like to SERVE those in need, through benefactors, donors and supporters of Richard Lane Ministries, INC.

What you can do;

Go to our GoFundMe page

– If you would like a tax deduction for your donation please ensure you arrive at one of        the scheduled stops with a Check or Money order made out to Richard Lane Ministries, INC.,

For more information please contact RLM at

Thank you and please pray for this effort, and may God richly Bless you for your help.

Richard Lane Ministries

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