DONATE to help Irma survivors in the Florida Keys!!!

Packing boxes for Irma Relief!


See what your love offerings are going to… WATCH FOR UPDATES EVERY DAY!!!

If you are in the Atlanta, GA area Richard Lane will be able to pick up YOUR donations on the 28th of September. PLEASE EMAIL

If you are in ORLANDO, FLORIDA; OCALA, FLORIDA or along the I-75 route to the Florida Keys on the 29th of September or after, PLEASE EMAIL, as I will be able to pick things up from you as well!

Richard Lane Ministries is taking on a HUGE Challenge and NEEDS YOUR HELP…. TO HELP those in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Richard Lane is taking a vehicle to Florida filled with supplies to help those still suffering weeks after Hurricane Irma. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

The greatest need currently is MONETARY! They are in need of Pre-Paid Visa cards to help purchase everyday items. Gas Cards, FOOD cards, etc.

Selfie with young Catholic Kids!

PLEASE DONATE to help us help others! Our Goal is to obtain 30 – $100 Pre-Paid Visa Cards for those in DIRE need! Richard Lane Ministries will also purchase extra supplies needed, e.g. Dog Food, Cat Food, Batteries, Sanitary products, etc.


Thank you God Land Unity


Check out what St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in New Middletown, Ohio did… 


Even the Pro Football Hall of Fame chipped in with some donations to help others… CHECK THEM OUT!!! 

Thank you to God Land UNITY Church in Detroit, Michigan; the LINKS of Ann Arbor, Michigan; St. Mary’s & St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio; the employees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

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