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Tuesday July 14, 2015

I arrived in Moengo, Suriname today. It is about a 2 hour drive Southwest of Paramaribo, more toward the Interior of the Country. The roads were much better (for 80%) of the trip than those going to Nickerie.

As we got closer to the City of Moengo, I saw small villages set back off the road side. Many of these small Villages. Imagine if you were driving down a two lane highway along a rural area in the United States, then out of no where you look and saw literally a plot of land, cleared from the bushes, set back approximately 50 yards from the road. A small village with people, Surinamese African peoples who live off the land. They are referred as you will, as legal Squatters. The take over a plot of land for about two years, clear it, build huts, and homes from the local wood, and local provisions from the forest. They hunt in the jungle and bring back food. They are 100% self sufficient from the land. For approximately 20 – 30 Kilometers I would see at least 12 – 15 of these small villages.

After about a two hour drive we reached Moengo. We entered the City on roads that are deplorable. I am shocked that any of these cars still have their suspensions in tact. This entire Village was once (approximately two or three years ago) a Bauxite Mining operation. It was the first and only Bauxite Mine in all of Suriname. The major company set up shop in this City complete with Shopping, Hospitals, schools, etc. The company has decided to leave Moengo and turned over the property to the State. Think about what happens when something is turned over to the Government to run… Yes, you got it… Government Housing. Picture the WORST Government Housing complex in America; now multiply that by 15, and add 4 to that number and you begin to see what I am speaking of in this area.
The people are wonderful. So very welcoming and inviting. I have good living conditions comparable to the norm here. I am blessed to be able to stay in a room in the basement of the home of a local couple that rents these basement rooms out for additional income. Basement, damp, moldy, (I won’t talk about the smell in the bathroom), but THANK GOD THERE IS AN AIR CONDITIONER IN MY ROOM!!!

Tuesday night, I am to preach in a local Church, called St. Therese the little flower. Beautiful small Church that holds about 100 people. I have been asked to preach on Deliverance.

We had literally about 200 plus people show up for this “Prayer Meeting”. Yes, Charismatic Catholic’s you just heard the “code words”. It was the weekly Charismatic Prayer meeting, but they heard about this preacher from America, so the normal 20 – 30 people who come, turned into almost 200 people gathered inside and OUTSIDE of the Church to hear.

After preaching, I offered to pray over everyone who wanted personal prayer, of which I did for about 3 hours after preaching. I remember one woman coming up to ask for prayer and it was translated to me that her husband has passed away about two years ago and she believed that she and her children have a “spell” cast upon them and she wanted prayers of Deliverance from that ‘spell’. People asking for prayers from back problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and one man came in a wheel chair. This man had an accident at work 3 years ago leaving him with no feeling from the waist down. He is married and has 4 children. When I asked him what he wanted prayer for, and what he wanted God to do for him, he said simply, that my family will be provided for. That my family will not have to struggle.

Your help and love offerings are going to touching the lives of so many people here in the City of Moengo and the surrounding Villages. Bringing a sense of love to those here.

Please go to and look for Richard Lane Paramaribo, Suriname.
Thank you and God bless.
Richard Lane Ministries

Moengonese brothers on the French Guiana boarder.
Moengonese brothers on the French Guiana boarder.

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