Goodbye 2014…

Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your support.
What a GLORIOUS year 2014 has been. Traveling and preaching from Pacific Northwest, to the Jersey Shore, South to Florida all the way to back to Guyana and the Newest Blessing having been able to minister in the Country of Suriname (Loved that Parbo Beer).

Who would have thought that in January of 2005, going to the streets of North St. Louis and handing out Bibles, the Lord would have grown this Ministry and sent us throughout the World ministering to so many wonderful and loving people… it has been an amazing time.

I cannot help but thank the thousands upon thousands of people we have ministered to in 2014 in the Parishes as well as on International Radio and abroad. To all of you, please know that you were all prayed for at my final Mass of 2014 today.

I thank God for each of you and know that you will all remain in our daily prayers and Mass Intentions. Please keep us in your prayers, because we cannot do it without you.

Going into 2015 the Theme for this year is “Keep It Movin”. So many people and things want to HOLD YOU US back; the evil one wants to keep us focused on our past that we will not embrace the Glory God has for us in our future. The evil one wants to abort the Seed of NEW LIFE God has placed within the Dwelling Place of your heart. Keep It Movin people, when you fall down, GET UP, when you get knocked down, GET UP, when you back slide… STOP, PRAY, Regroup and KEEP IT MOVIN forward!

“May the Lord Bless you and Keep you; May He make His Face Shine upon you and be Gracious upon you; May He continue to lift up His Countenance upon you and grant you His Peace!”

Richard Lane Ministries

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